Gosia. Kuno and Gosia are passionate lindy hop dancers instructors and performers. They started their dance partnership in 2010 and they have been ... Gosia Chase Festival 17.11.2016 03:17:06 http://www.chasefestival.com/Talent/gosia/

City of Heidelberg Heidelberg is one of the few cities in Germany that were not destroyed during the war. This is why it is one of the most visited ... City of Heidelberg Chase Festival 17.11.2016 03:17:06 http://www.chasefestival.com/city-of-heidelberg/

Accomodation Heidelberg is a very popular tourist destination soon you will know why One drawback is that the city is running out of hotel and hostel ... Accomodation Chase Festival 17.11.2016 03:17:06 http://www.chasefestival.com/accomodation/

Melanie started classical dancing at the age of 7 at 16 she got into an intensive dance school where she also learns Jazz contemporary and tap dance. Melanie Chase Festival 17.11.2016 03:17:06 http://www.chasefestival.com/Talent/melanie/

GSDS. The festival is organized and created by 3 parties The German Swing Dance Society e.V as the main organizer of the event. Swingtanz Verein ... GSDS Chase Festival 17.11.2016 03:17:06 http://www.chasefestival.com/Talent/gsds/

Ladies and Gentlemen the Chase Festival has the pleasure to announce to you the IKS Big Band ready to inspire your dancing at the Sunday tea dance Music Masters Chase Festival 17.11.2016 03:17:05 http://www.chasefestival.com/category/musicmasters/feed/

German Swing Dance Society e.V Am Kronenburger Hof 3 69221 Dossenheim Deutschland Email info@chasefestival.com Have you ever dreamed of being able to ... Organizers Chase Festival 17.11.2016 03:17:05 http://www.chasefestival.com/category/organizers/

City tour and outdoor dancing Dancing in the streets of Heidelberg is a great way to discover the city City tour and outdoor dancing Chase Festival 17.11.2016 03:17:05 https://www.chasefestival.com/city-tour-and-outdoor-dancing/